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Knowledge is Power!

With over a decade of experience and industry knowledge, KeySolutionz designed an 8-month individual guide to educate you to rebuild your financial portfolio. Every financial portfolio is  
unique, as we educate you on how a mixture of credit and history can improve your score.

Management and Consulting Service
You Need a Mixture of Credit 
3 Credit Cards 
2 Installment Loans
You Need Credit History
3 Years of Payments
Make frequent purchases
Add On's
1. Experian Boost
2. Rental History
3. Authorized CC
Credit Scores & Monitoring

Keep in mind that when you use a online monitoring system to track
your credit score, it can be 30 to 100
points higher than your FICO score.
Real time FICO scores are only generated when you apply for a loan.

What you should know!
*Always ask for validation of debt, by certified mail, before you pay it. 
*Verifying who you are, or your phone number, to a collector
could cause an impact to your score
*You can still make a payment arrangement, 
before you are 180 days past due. 
Statue of Limitation Per State
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