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With over a decade of industry knowledge, KeySolutionz designed an 8-month one-on-one guide to walk you through rebuilding your credit portfolio. Credit reports are unique, as we educate you on how a mixture of credit and history can improve your score. We have been able to consult clients to raise their credit scores 45-150 points in 6-12 months.

Need to Rebuild your Credit?
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You Need a Mixture of Credit 
3 Credit Cards 
2 Installment Loans
You Need Credit History
3 Years of Payments
Make frequent purchases
Report these Add On's
1. Experian Boost
2. Rental Kharma
3. Authorized CC
What you should know!
-Always ask for validation of debt, by certified mail, before you pay it. 
-Never confirm who you are, to
a collector or your phone number. 
Could cause an impact to your score
-You can still make a payment arrangement, 
before you hit 180 days past due. 
Statue of Limitation Per State

100 points in your credit score could cost $75K on a 30-year mortgage

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